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The key to reducing your stress through a custody battle and prevailing in court comes down to one thing, daily documentation of your custody issues. That's where we come in...

Custody Call's Total Custody Solution is a personal assistant that manages all of your custody issues. It records & documents conversations, stores all e-mails, phone logs, text messages, it even  geo tags your location during pick up & drop off. No more he said, she said. It also reminds you of medical apointments, school events, and after school activities so you can be there when it matters the most. The TCS gathers information so the court can see your Ex's patterns of behavior which will support your case for custody. 

We Document, You Win!




Attornies charge by the hour... and they charge A LOT. 

With every phone call and e-mail your hard earned money is being spent, $75 here, $250 there...Why not get the most of their time (and your money) by providing them with all of the information they need to win your case? Now you can. 



When you upload documents into our system and grant them access, you are giving them the most powerful tools to help win your case. They can customize the reports for your benefit and have all of the supporting documents that they need to prove your case for custody. 

Our system captures it all. We document, You win.

Build your case by tracking the issues that matter most

Time & Date Exchange Tracking


Our system knows where your pickup & drop off points are & it knows when you are supposed to be there. Not only does it remind you, it GPS locates & documents when you arrive so your EX can't say you weren't there!

Custody Schedule Reminders


Our custody calendar puts your custody schedule, school calendar, doctors appointments, athletic & extracirricular events all in one place. Not only does it remind you to be there but it documents who was.

Voicemail / Email / Text Capture


The days of using a recorder are over!

 The Total Custody Solution software captures all phone call logs, negative texts, e-mails & voicemails for use in court.

Expense Journal & Reciept Scanner


No more issues "proving" what you bought for the kids, just scan the reciept, answer a few quaetions, and TCS adds it to the list of reimbursements from your EX.

Child Health & Wellness Monitor


During a custody case you want to ensure the kids are doing as best as they can. With our Health & Wellness monitor you are alerted when key indicators are triggered so  you can seek the professional help your family needs.

Customizable Reports


With our fully customizeable reports both you & your attorney can highlight the areas that you want the court to see. Missed exchanges? Denied custody? Poor behavior? Its all right there for the court to see.


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